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20 Feb


We meet again in my 5th entry.

Do you love to play online games?  Honestly, I’m  not playing online games for a long time. Before this, I do play some games, but after I found out that I have addicted with the games, I just deleted all the games in order to help myself not to waste my time.

In this entry I will introduce to you;


“Fowl words”

Fowlwords is an online game that can be used in the lesson. From Fowlwords, teacher can teach pupils about vocabulary since this game is focusing on building words from the letters given.

This game is very easy to play with just a few steps. First of all, just choose the difficulty of game. Then, as the game begin, type a word using the letter given. Click enter. If we want to clear the word , just click ‘clear’. But, we must try to build any words as possible because we need to be aware of the time given.

Type a word from the letters given

Here is an example of lesson plan that the teacher can use by integrating this Fowlwords.


Year: Year 4 (Advanced)

Previous knowledge: Pupils are familiar with the words.

Objective: – To consolidate and to enhance pupils vocabulary.


1) Teacher divides pupils into 5 groups.

2) Teacher flash the games on the projector.

3) Teacher demonstrate on how to play the games.

4) First group of pupils go in front of the class and play the game in duration given. They need to come out with as many words as they can.

5) After the first group have finish, group members need to explain the meaning of the word that they have built in order to make sure that they know the meaning and not just try and error.

6) Teacher write the marks on a chart.

7) Repeat step 3 until 6, until all the group have finish.

8) While the group played the games, the other 4 groups  need to try build up the word.

8) Teacher announce the winner of the games.


With more creativity, I believe that the teacher can plan more interesting lesson by using this Fowlwords.

I think I need to stop now.. See you in my next entry^^


The Interesting Kerpoof

20 Feb

Salam and hi to everyone.

For this 4th entry, I would like to talk about “Kerpoof”. Have you heard about this word? This is actually an ICT tool that can be use in the classroom. I choose this tool because it is very useful in the classroom with lots of functions. Now, lets I discuss further about Kerpoof , its functions, limitations, when it can be used, the user friendliness and for which standard this tool is suitable for.

1. The functions of the tool
Lots of  amazing activities  can be done with this tool. Pupils can spell  a picture, make a movie , make a card, make a drawing, make a picture and tell a story.
For the teacher, its offers a lot more advantages including the suggestion of  lesson plan and  the broad Kerpoof  brainstorm that can be  use in the lesson.

Kerpoof~Learning Through Creativity

Example of lesson plan provided by Kerpoof as reference

2. The limitations of the tool
However, there are a few limitations of this tool.  For example, the class or the computer lab must be provided  with enough computers, so that the pupils can used this tool. Besides, teacher need to make sure that there is a good internet connection in the school since Kerpoof is an online tool and need a good internet connection.
3. When can this tool be use
This tool can be used for various subjects such as English, Math, Arts, Science, Social Studies and Foreign Language. The teacher just need to select the suitable activities to be used in the particular subject.

The Life Cycle of Butterfly-Can be used in Science Subject as well as English subject

4. The user friendliness from the teacher point of view (you)
I think this tool is very user friendly, not only for the teacher but also to the pupils. It just use  very simple words with cute pictures for each menu. This will help pupils to use the tool effectively, with the condition that pupils have a basic skill using the ICT. Besides, it also have provide the guidelines on how to use Kerpoof  to make a movie, a drawing or a picture in form of PDF as a reference for teacher as well as  pupils.
5. The tool is suitable for which standard
Kerpoof is suitable for all standard, from standard 1 to standard 6. Its actually depends on how teacher use, manipulate and choose what the activities that he/she wants to do with pupils, based on the level of proficiency, subject and the objective of the lesson. For year 1 or year 2, maybe the teacher can ask pupils to spell a picture, or made a drawing. For standard 6, maybe the teacher can ask them to make a movie with Karpoof. I’m sure that teacher can come out with a good lesson plan with a good participation of pupils using this interesting tool.
Now, I just want to share with you  a video about the activities that can be done with Kerpoof.
Interesting, right? ^^
So,  as a conclusion, I am sure that Kerpoof can provide fun activities, with colourful pictures and animation which can help  pupils  to enjoy the lesson by  incorporating this tool.


24 Jan

Hello everyone…This is my third entry and for this entry I will write about TPACK.  Have you heard TPACK before? The first time I met with this words was when I borrowed note from my friends which took the major in Science for  secondary school. ‘T’ is stand for Technological, ‘P’ for Pegagogical, ‘C’ for  Content and ‘K’ for Knowledge.


I found that it is very important for the teacher to understand this TPACK which really can help them in our teaching. And I’m glad that in the previous class of my PBEY 4103, we were discussed about TPACK and it helped to enhance my understanding.

Here is one of my lesson which I have incorporated TPAC.

Class                :  2 Kreatif

Date                 :  13 July 2010

Time                : 7.40-8.40 a.m

Enrolment       : 35 pupils

Theme             : World of Knowledge

Topic               :  In the Garden

Main Skill       : Writing

Integrated Skill(s): Speaking, Listening

Previous knowledge: Pupils already have learnt about hibiscus, canna and morning glory.

Learning Outcomes:

4.3 Match words to linear and non-linear representations:

iii) word to picture, symbol

4.6 Spell correctly and take dictation.

Curriculum Specifications:

4.3.2 Match words to signs, pictures.

4.6.1 Spell seen words.

Language Focus: (Noun) Hibiscus, rose, canna, sunflower, tulip, orchid, chrysanthemum, water lily, morning glory, bougainvillea.

Behavioral Objectives:

At the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to:

i) Match word to picture correctly, at least 7 out of 10 questions.

ii) Spell words correctly, at least 7 out of 10 words.

Educational Emphasis:

-Knowledge acquisition.

-Learning how to learn skills.

Teaching aids:

Slides show, task sheets, relias (flowers).

Set Induction

For the set induction, I have bring some flowers to the classroom such as hibiscus, bougainvillea and morning glory and get the responses from pupils.


Using slides show, I flash the picture of the flowers. After I pronounced the words, the pupils need to follow and spell the words together.Besides, I also drills the pupils a few times.

While Writing

In group, pupils need to match the word with the picture of flower. After discussing the answers, in group pupil need to write down the name of flowers when I flash the picture.

Post writing

Discussion of the answers for activity during writing stage. Later, I played poison box. When the pupils get the box, they need to take out a piece of paper from it and tell the name of the flower printed on it.


Elicits moral values.

Now, I will discuss my lesson with relates to the TPACK.

Content Knowledge

The content knowledge that I have thought is mostly focus on the name and the correct spelling of the flowers. By referring to the information that I have given earlier, all the syllabus, curriculum, behavioral objective and learning outcomes which also comes under content knowledge are stated there.

Technological Knowledge

Just a simple technology can help your teaching. For this lesson I just use a slides show to deliver the content knowledge. Pupils were excited to see the pictures of beautiful flower and it help me to capture their attention.However, maybe next time I can improved this lesson by using video with all the pictures, movement and music which appeal more to the pupils.

Besides, I also have played music using my laptop and speaker when I played the poison box.

Pedagogical Knowledge

There were a few pedagogical knowledge that I have been implemented in this lesson. There were:

1) Deductive learning strategy:

During set induction, I started with the question the parts of tree and later showing some flowers to them in order to relate the topic with their prior knowledge. Later on, I introduced all the 10  names of flowers. Therefore, I have used deductive learning strategy where I have introduced general knowledge with relating with their prior knowledge to the more specific knowledge.

1) Direct method:

During the pre-writing stage, I taught them about the name of the flowers using power point. This give them knowledge before the use the knowledge in the writing.

2) Drilling:

Drilling is one of the pedagogy that I have used. Drilling is one of the important stage according to behaviorist theory. Although drilling sometimes is viewed as a an old method of teaching, but I believed that somehow it do help in teaching. Especially in my classroom where my pupils have difficulty in memorizing the correct spelling.

3)  Coo-operative learning.

I do believe that work in group can help the pupils to learn better, under a good supervision. Therefore, I let them to have discussions in group where they need to co-operate with each other. This may help pupils to reach their Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD) with the help from their friends. During the group work I facilitated them  in order to make sure everyone is involved with the discussion and to scaffold them if they need any help.

My hope:

I hope that with integrate this TPACK in this lesson, it helped my pupils to understand the content knowledge better (And I think it does) .

TPACK--->it do help your teaching!


There is no specific ‘T-K’ or ‘P -K’ to teach ‘C-K’ because it is all depends on the pupils, the environment and the facilities that we have. Just choose the most suitable ‘T-K’ and ‘P-K’ with your pupils in order to help them understand ‘C-K’.

That’s all for now..See you in my next entry (^_^)

I wish…

19 Jan


1-I wish the government give the guidance or policy on the implementation of ICT in the classroom.

Therefore, the teacher have the guidelines on how to implement the ICT in the classroom.
2-I wish that every classroom have a smart board.

Some classroom still using blackboard, which I think is not convenient with all the dust and the chalk that can easily break up.Smart board will provide more

3- I wish that every classroom provided with ICT tools.

For examples, laptop, LCD and speakers.Thus, it is easier for the teacher to use all the facilities.

4-I wish that each school has a good electrical wiring system.

If the school has a lot of ICT facilities, but without a good wiring, everything cannot be functioning well. So, electrical wiring system is very important.

5-I wish that the school and ministry organise programs for teachers in order to help them have a good knowledge and skill in ICT.

I’m realised that there still lots of teachers in the school still not been exposed to the usage of ICT for teaching and learning. So, this will help these teachers to get more knowledge and skill in ICT.

8-I wish the school has Wi-fi where teacher and pupils can get access to the internet.

6-I wish that each teacher provided with laptop.

7-I wish that each pupils provided with notebook.

8- I wish the school provide the ICT training for the pupils.

Therefore, they will be more ready and have the background knowledge of ICT.

9-I wish the school has enough technicians.

The teachnicians will help to manage all ICT tools such as for maintenance at the same time less the burden of the teacher in order to manage everything.

10-I wish the school encourage the usage of ICT in teaching and learning.

So, the teacher will feel motivated to use ICT and not become as a strange things to do.

ICT in the classroom

11 Jan

In my life, I can say that experience during teaching practice was one of the best experience that I will never forget in my life.I love children , I love to teach and I love to teach English and science.For my teaching practice, I was sent to SK Bandar Tun Razak 1, Cheras. I was assign to teach Science as well as English to year 2 Kreatif.

There were 37 pupils in the classroom which I think is quite a big number of pupils for me.The pupils were mixed abilities from good to poor proficiency.

About using the ICT in the classroom, I was rarely used ICT due to a few problems. First of all is because of my laptop which was very problematic during practicum which cause me to borrow from others and I have a very limited time to use the laptop.But, when I sent my sick laptop for service, it not show any kind of problem (as if it know that I want to sent it to the doctor;p). The second problem is about the LCD which sometimes was not working, which makes me feel bad [and hate to use LCD again:(]

However, instead of the problems, I have tried to incorporate the ICT in my classroom. The first trial was when I was using the video of Old Mcdonald’s song to teach animal’s sound.


The pupils were very excited, learning by watching the video and do the actions.

Besides, I also want to use the slides show to teach flowers. However, I got the problem when the LCD is not working. Therefore, I just go on with plan B, using my pictures of flowers that have printed out.

As a conclusion, I can say that ICT can be very helpful in the classroom because it can provide all the song, pictures and motions. But we must always be have plan B, in case our plan did not worked as what we planned.Another things to consider is about the school facilities where some of the school did not have enough facilities, and what we can do is just manipulate whatever we have.

Last Entry : Bye-bye PKEY3101

30 Oct

 Honestly, this is the first time I have the
experienced in using E-portfolio. Before enter this semester, I just heard
about portfolio which I also not really clear what it is all about. With a
little knowledge about the IT, of course I was really worried before at the
beginning of this sem, where everything is deal with technology…I never heard
about e-portfolio and I never heard about windows live ..At the end of this
semester, I do realize that e-portfolio has really brings lots of benefits to

1) E-portfolio
has gives me lots of experience with using ICT.I just know that we can create
this kind of learning whereby it’s really help me to become a digital
citizenship and at the same time learning lots of things.

2) E-portfolio
have allows me to have my own reflection on my own learning through all the
reflection that I need to do.

3) E-portfolio
had taught me on how to organize and arrange my things appropriately and
also to share with others. By using sky drive, I can share files and info with
my friends and I also can manage to download the files or any info from my friends.
It’s easier and

a nut shell, this e-portfolio brings lots of benefit to me as learners. Lots of
thing can be done. Our social communication will be easier and wider.
hopefully, it will be a very good experience and skills that can be used
especially for the purpose of teaching and learning sessions in the classroom
in the future…


How I will set-up COP in my school? (Part B)

23 Oct

There are
lots of benefits of using CoP. Therefore , when I become a teacher one day, of
course I will implement this CoP in my teaching.
Firstly is about  the seating arrangement
of the students  in the classroom where I  will ask them to seat in group.

By seating in group, the students will be able
to communicate and discuss with each other easily. The communication among the
students will become easier as they will
not need to move around just to be in group since they are already seat together in their group. Furthermore, this also will help them to socialize with each other better. In addition, for each group, I will mix pupils from various abilities or styles, so that they can helping each other with individual different strenght and weaknessess.For example, I will mix the talkative pupils with the quite one since if I put the talkative pupils in one group, I afraid that there will be more talking than working…

Besides of the seating arrangement,the size of class is also a matter.Therefore, I hope that I have a suitable size of classroom whereby pupils can sit in group comfortably, with enough space for me to move around in order to facilitates and scaffold their learning.

Furthermore, I will provide and prepare activities that will involves the students in
collaborative activities.For example, dramatization,
choral speaking, role play, competition and so on.When we as teacher provides them with such activities, this will give them the opportunity in order to engage in this CoP.

In order to sustain CoP in my classroom, I think the class should have their own identity.For example, they class might have a class song, t-shirt or class motto.The pupils should have a sense of belonging to the class.Besides, activities that involved everyone such as sports competition within the pupils in the class or a birthday party will also help.When they have the feeling of belonging to the class and when the relationship between them are closer, CoP will become more easier to be sustain.

Not to forget, motivation from the teacher is very important.I should always motivates my pupils in order to work in group with co-operation and tolerance.Besides, as a teacher, I also should highlight to the pupils what are the importance of CoP, or group work (the simplified term for pupils), which pupils will know why they need to work in group and how its will benefits them.With these, I hope I can implement CoP in my classroom and sustain it for the benefits of my pupils.